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Master a dynamic 2D tile based universe...

In tribute to Amstrad CPC 464 (user-defined) "CHaRacter$" based games.

A challenging adventure begins...

  • Discover a large "2D tile-based physics" including gravity, ballistics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical and nuclear reactions
  • Accumulate sufficient stocks of materials
  • Design structures, machines and vehicles
  • Take advantage of automation bricks
  • Engineer various types of power plants to fulfill your growing needs for energy
  • Seek your opponents through fog of war
    ...and more!  

72 built-in levels

+ unlockable User Level Editor 
and LAN Multiplayer Mode

People are talking about it:

PC Gamer (indeed!): "it allows a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to physics, and there's an emphasis on automation that recalls the likes of Factorio [...] Sounds fascinating, and with 72 levels it'll probably keep you busy for a while."

@thePalindrome (itch.io): "An amazing game that's devilishly tough at times!"

@joey (Discord): "I am just surprised this game hasn't already been made! Like, it just seems like such a good combination of mechanic: the logic gates + physics + building machines... it's really good!"

@aoi (bay12forums): "This is... quite something. It feels kind of like something you'd see if Zachtronics worked from ZZT (...) if anybody does enjoy logic puzzles, definitely give this little guy a try"

@krakout (twitter): "Regardless of whether you're an #Amstrad #CPC fan, this is really lovely and polished!"

@jmk462 (reddit): "We need more of this!"

@rabwin (canardpc, French forum): "Découverte super sympa ! (...) hâte de tester les autres niveaux!"

Minimal resolution 1360x768 / Optimal 1440x900 or +

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Action-Adventure, Automation, Crafting, Level Editor, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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CHR143-v1.25.7-full-win64.zip 79 MB
CHR143-v1.25.7-full-linux64.tar.gz 79 MB
CHR143-v1.25.7-full-macos64.zip 50 MB
keyboard_shortcuts v1.21.pdf 46 kB

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Hi, just to say that I wrote about your game on my Amstrad CPC website. I bought it on Steam, will play when I will have some free time.

(1 edit)

So cool! Thanks @genesis8bit! Beyond the CPC aesthetics, it's a pretty complicated puzzle game, I hope you'll enjoy it; feel free to ask for help here or on Discord !-)

Feel free to chat with our small but growing community on our beautiful Discord Server!

The developer regularly passes the head and many others will be happy to exchange with you...


An amazing game that's devilishly tough at times!

The game lets you skip a level here or there, but I've been stuck at level 22 for ages, spent many hours on it XD

I'm disarming the runaway miner by taking the top receiver... but I can't put it back afterwards, and I *think* I'll need it to clear the hot steam area (trying to cheese it by carefully dumping it elsewhere with "scooper" vehicles didn't really help). Either way, I get stuck on objective 4, and could use a bit of help!

Thank you for your comment, thePalindrome, such feedbacks are a true reward...

We need more people like you! You have achieved major steps and clearly deserve a free advice ;^) 

    / / / / / / spoiler alert / / / / / /

Although this is an interesting idea, clearing the steam is not your priority: you need to make your way through obstacles, even if they are made of bricks... And the (right) crusher will not be of any help here, you are a pinball wizard after all... (remember?)

Keep in touch!

Heh, fair enough!

I tried that, but ended up not making a large enough hole before dropping the boulder all the way down, and it takes ages to get back to that point!

As it is, I'm really liking the focus on logic systems and complex machinery, it's something I don't get to see too often, so thanks a ton for making this!

I am really sorry to torture you like this! I should probably be a bit more precise in my advice: first, boulders are not the only possible projectiles (see level 6), then you should find a way to "reload" another ammunition if your first shot is not accurate enough (do not forget to *reset* your "weapon" before that...)

PS. Maybe you lose time in the first part of the level. Knowing what to do, It takes me about 2 minutes to get an agent near the steam.

I still thank you very much in return for your "tons of thanks" and your indulgence. If you know other fans of logic systems and complex machinery, do not hesitate to lure them into this trap(!): collective intelligence is probably the best way of reaching level 72... even if I'd be very happy to help here and there ;^)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'd considered some alternate ammunition, but you mentioning that does give me an idea to try...

Oh! One thing I am noticing, the levels in the windows build seem to be different at times! For example, level 4 has a more visible mechanism for the exit sequence. I wonder if level 22 was one that was polished a bit more as well (I'm starting a new save because yes :P )

EDIT: I've disabled my targeting computer, used the force, and managed to pierce the barrier! The facility has been saved! I wish to report my success in this operation to High Command, and then return to the training center!

(1 edit)

Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!

Glory to the Hero!

(1 edit)

...by the way, you're right, I did improve the first levels a bit (including #22), because some early players ran away screaming! 

Few jedis got past level 22, and I never heard from them again, I hope that won't be your fate ;^)

Personally I like level 44 a lot but there are many obstacles to overcome until then...

(1 edit) (+1)

I am slowly progressing into it but this is really fun. So proud I completed level 9 ! Felt like one Dalton while digging... and then oh my god how do you move this @§! water that would not !!

Well done! Carry on, Augustus, level 72 has never been so close ;^)


Just finished the free version. Once I find a way to get the money, I will diffently buy the full version! Great game!

(1 edit)

Excellent! Congratulations!! (I know what you've been through...) And thank you for your comment, any help in spreading the word will be appreciated ;^)

Since the full version is now available for free, I hope you could find a way to get the money!

Rabwin made it to level 22... and then purchased the full version! He's deserved his name in next version's credits ;^)

(1 edit)

I keep getting a fatal error when I start, saying I do not have high enough resolution. Any way around this with out going onto higher resolution.?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Latest available version (v1.01) is now compatible with 1360x768 resolution!


This looks so sweet! Wish I had time to play it, damn!

Thanks for your comment! Hope you'll be able to go further into it ;^)

Oh, definitely playing it, just not as much as I'd love to... Looks very polished!